Our local Office in Auchtermuchty

Why an Office?

Good question. After all if we are simply managing a few properties as a pension surely we don't need an Office. ok...but when you start to rent out even one property you find that there is a seemingly endless pile of paperwork and regulations to keep up with.

You will need a Computer, a printer, a fax, a copier, good mobile where you can be contacted (and you will be!) 24/7.

Then you will need files for each property containing all your legal documents and safety checks and tenant details (you need to make sure you have registered with Data protection). You will have files for the following, Training, Membership of Landlord groups, Solicitor files, Surveyor files, Past tenant files, All your Mortgages and original purchase/remortgage docs......it goes on. So you see it builds up before you realise it. 

You then need a system of Accountancy,either on-line or as I prefer, a Big Red Book manual system, which I endeavour to do monthly then at the end of the year hand it with all receipts to my amazing Accountant who sorts me out!.

Even at a basic level it begins to mount up. Remember you have to keep all your Accounts in case of investigation (I had an investigation shortly after starting). Think of the space needed for just 5 years Accounts and you are getting the idea.

After we had been renting for a few years it became obvious that our home,which is not large, was being taken over. It was at that time a local firm had small offices to rent within walking distance from our home. We decided then that even if it simply became a place where we could keep all our documentation and as the need arose 'go to work'. For us this is ideal. The Office is secure, cosy and a friendly atmosphere and we love it.


Thanks to Neil & the team at Linburn House for this great facility!

Linburn House
Endless files
More files!
The view..in the distance is the local graveyard.
Office door....I know ..now it's getting really boring
The spread of the properties

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Rebecca | Reply 15.10.2014 13:40

Only just noticed this comments box! Great site, and easy way for me to check what properties you have available at any given time!! Keep up the good work.

Isobel Scott Davidson | Reply 24.07.2014 05:59

Iagree with all the comments I certainlywi recomend others too take a peek I read from the start Whenyou decided too have your own website doing Fab great info

MikeJonhson | Reply 06.06.2014 13:43

You are in Auchtermuchty? Do you have your own country yet?
training room rental

MikeJonhson | Reply 16.05.2014 07:24

I love reading your posts. You know, a lot of people are hunting around for this great information; you could help them greatly by your post.

John 16.05.2014 17:52

Thanks Mike much appreciated.
The site just started as an info for prospective tenants but then grew ...and grew!

Tracy | Reply 11.05.2014 00:21

What a wealth of information.Funny also, which always helps, I am passing on to a few friends.
Many thanks

John 11.05.2014 04:15

Thanks Tracy so glad you enjoyed it. We have 95 degrees at the moment .. Surely there's more to life than this!
J &M

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06.02 | 10:13

The flat has now been taken - due to illness the site hasn't been updated.
All properties are in good condition
/damp free before we can rent

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