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Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL)

SAL is great organisation for Landlords. It has an amazing amount of info and organises basic foundational training in most areas of Scotland. Their meetings are great events, not only to learn, but to network with other Landlords.  SAL also give LEGAL ADVICE which is of course tailored to  Scottish Law. We have found them invaluable as a source of information and all the staff are very polite and helpful.  They also understand Landlords as many of them are Landlords themselves.



The NLA is based in England with Scottish Reps. They organise LOCAL meetings of Landlords and organise SPEAKERS on various subjects that affect and inform Landlords. NLA is similar to SAL and also offers Legal Advice, but if you live in Scotland you must make sure you ask for someone who understands Scottish Law. We are members of both the SAL and NLA (a small yearly fee for each). We find that SAL has the edge if you live in Scotland but it is worth being members of both.



Landlord Accreditation Scotland

Landlord Accreditation Scotland is a must for all Landlords in Scotland. They provide FREE BASIC TRAINING and at a low cost more indepth training.



This site is a little gem. One of our favourites. They understand Landlords and Landlords comment on the topical items and you find that they have the SAME problems as everyone! This site is run from England like NLA. On the site you can use their FREE Property Management software that is run on a 'cloud' basis so you can add, amend properties, record Gas checks, rents etc..all from you ipad,phone,laptop or whatever. We haven't used this facility to it's fullest due to our circumstances at present. When you sign up (Free) they will email you with all the latest topics which are really worth reading.  As with the previous two sites you can download Tenancy Agreements, AT5 forms etc...This site is one of the best there is!!


The DEBT COLLECTOR we use is DANIEL SILVERMAN. They operate out of Liverpool. For a 'one off' fee you are given a personal representative to work with you to get back any debts owed up to six years in the past. When registered you simply give them details of all that is owed (rents, non insurance refurbishment costs and any other costs which are due to a tenant breaking their Tenancy Agreement). They will trace a tenant and contact/visit to get the money owed.


For years we used a broker in England - which was fine until we had a recent claim and it went 'belly up'. On the advice of a Landlord friend we contacted INSURE SMART in Kirkcaldy, a local broker that gave a good quote for our 18 properties and it covered contents and all the little annoying bits that are so easily missed. The advantage is that, being locally based, we can go and talk with our broker, who understands the area and our needs. Ask for Shaun!


This is where you should start to become a Registered Landlord


On this page you will find all you need to know about EPCs. Shop around and get someone local to do these for you. Prices can vary.

ENERGYWISE SCOTLAND  This is a great company that will check your EPC rating and put in insulation, cavity walls, new boiler etc..  Give DEREK a call and he will chat with you.

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